Pay Later

Smartest Tool for Professional Equity Traders


What is PAY LATER ?

Using PAY LATER, an investor can buy shares for 365 days either by

  • keeping a small amount from his available funds or
  • by keeping shares in his/her holding

as collateral. The remaining balance is paid by us.
While all other margin funding is maximum for 7 days, PAY LATER provides funding for 365 days.


4x margin on equity for 365 days.
For example: If you buy ACC worth Rs. 1,00,000, it will command a margin of Rs.25,000 subject to terms and conditions.

Privilege rate of interest in MTF @ 3.99% per annum.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Login to dock by clicking here activate MTF in the segments tab.

Our system is very simple. In our trading platforms AsthaTrade Flow (mobile application) and AERO (Browser based application), when you place an order you have to select the product type as MTF.

You will be required to make a pledge on the stocks that you have bought. This is as per the revised SEBI policy on MTF. According to the revised policy, even stocks bought under MTF have to be pledged to be considered as MTF positions. Else, it will be allocated to your Normal CM segment.
Once you buy stocks at MTF, they will be uploaded in Backoffice and here is what is to be done once you buy shares under MTF. A forward Pledge request will be created for the shares bought and intimated to you via email and SMS. It may be noted that SEBI requires the funded stocks also to be pledged. You will now be required to accept the Pledge request by clicking on the link received on the email / SMS by the end of T+1. In case, you do not receive the Email or SMS use the below given link to accept pledge request
Your stocks will reflect under the MTF funded position if you accept the pledge, else it will be considered as stocks bought in the Normal Cash segment without having sufficient funds. The shares in such case will be transferred to Client Unpaid Securities Account (CUSA) as per policy and you will have 6 days time to clear the debit or time till the MtoM loss hits the stipulated level whichever is earlier.

Stock Exchanges periodically publish the list of Equity shares under Group I/II/III as per SEBI Master circular no. SEBI/HO/MRD/DP/CIR/P /2016/135 dated December 16, 2016. NSE Approved securities list

Yes, you may.

Yes. Since the pledged shares are in your (client) demat account, the benefit of the corporate actions will be credited to your account.

No. As per the SEBI Norms, MTF facility is for the Equity Segment only.

No. But the trades under MTF need to be distinctly identified. So, for all other purposes, the trades are executed at the Exchanges in a single UCC and all levies including STT shall be levied as per single UCC.

In case margin falls below the minimum required margin, you will not be allowed to buy any securities under MTF and ACS shall make a Margin Call and the position can be liquidated at any time when sufficient margins are not in place.