IPO- Initial Public Offering

Process by which a private company sells its shares to the public in the primary market to raise funds.

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IPO Listing

IPO NameIssue DatePrice RangeIPO SizeMin Inv.
Sotac Pharmaceuticals Lim2023-03-29₹ 105-1111200₹ 126000Apply >
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    Apply to any IPO through the online application mode, no paperwork required.

    Browse through all the details of the IPO and detailed analysis to help you make the right investment decision.

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    How to apply for
    an IPO at AsthaTrade?

    mobile steps

    Visit AsthaTrade DOCK and navigate to IPO.

    Here you can view all the IPO details like market lot, minimum bid quantity, price range, analysis

    You can read the Red Herring Prospectus for the issue details.

    Enter UPI ID for payment.

    While placing the bid, enter the cutoff price or desired price in the range specified. Select quantity as per lot size. 

    Click the checkbox that you’ve read the prospectus and enter Submit to complete the order.

    The amount is blocked once you complete the transaction. The money is transferred to the company after allotment or refunded to your account.

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    Log into the DOCK portal for your investment Analytics and Reports, apply to IPOs and manage funds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans. Yes, you can revise or cancel your online IPO application anytime. 

    Ans: Go to AsthaTrade DOCK portal, navigate to IPO section. You will find a list of active and upcoming IPOs. Go to Active IPOs and click on Apply.

    Ans: IPO issue size is the total amount of funds a company plans to collect through the IPO issue. It includes issue of fresh equity shares and sale of existing shares from owner or existing shareholders.

    Ans: You can subscribe to any IPO as long as you have an active demat account. You can apply to an IPO by filling a physical application form or online. With AsthaTrade you can subscribe to an IPO in a few clicks. Open a demat account and apply to E-IPO here.

    Ans: IPO start date is mentioned in the issue’s Red Herring Prospectus as well as in the Details section of every issue on the E-IPO page

    Ans: Yes, you need to have an active demat account to apply for an IPO.

    Ans: The minimum and maximum investment limit is defined by the issuer of the IPO, there is no generic minimum or maximum limit.

    Ans: IPOs may not always give a profit, the price after listing depends on the demand the market sentiment and overall market’s view on the issue. In the long term a good business with sound fundamentals will make money for the investor.

    Ans: An IPO or Initial Public Offering is the process by which a private company sells its shares to the public in the primary market. There are two types of markets; Primary market where shares are issued directly to public and secondary market, the stock market where listed securities are traded among investors. IPOs are issued in the primary market.

    Ans: In effect, a privately owned company goes public by way of an IPO. A company raises funds through an IPO to fund its growth or expansion, pay off debt, build its credibility and name and raise liquidity by selling part of the privately held shares.

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