Benefits of Stock Trading Through an Online App

These days mobile applications have become indispensable. Day to day activities like ordering food, groceries or banking or making investments. Stock broking used to be a retail business where investors or traders would visit the stock broker’s office, perch in front of a screen with the broker and place trades.  New age brokers have launched … Read more

What are Options Trading Strategies

Options strategies are a combination of buying and selling two or more options to have defined risk and return. There are a host of options trading strategies traders employ, but you need not know all the strategies to begin trading. Here are the commonly used ones to understand the basics.  Bull Call Spread:  Used when … Read more

Loan Against Shares (LAS) vs. Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

Margin Trading Facility (MTF): Margin Trading Facility or MTF is a facility offered to traders where they can access more funds to trade in shares or securities by paying only a small fraction of the total transaction value. This fraction is known as margin. Margin can be in the form of cash or shares as … Read more

Options trading for beginners

In this article we will learn about the basics of Options Trading. There is a saying that goes in trading community:“Future trader has no future but option trader has many options.” Sayings apart, before we talk about Options Trading, let us first understand  What is an ‘Option’? In simple terms, Option is a financial instrument … Read more

Understanding Buying Call vs. Selling Put

Buying Call Vs. Selling Put Many people think stock options are very risky. However, adopting commonly used strategies can help you increase your profits and minimize losses while buying a call or selling a put. Let us first understand these terms. Buying Call A buying call is when the buyer pre-determines the price of a … Read more

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