Understanding Buying Call vs. Selling Put

Buying Call Vs. Selling Put Many people think stock options are very risky. However, adopting commonly used strategies can help you increase your profits and minimize losses while buying a call or selling a put. Let us first understand these terms. Buying Call A buying call is when the buyer pre-determines the price of a … Read more

Afraid of losses in the stock market? Try this! 

Adopt These Techniques to Avoid Losses in the Stock Market   Introduction Of the many stock market crashes, the most famous ones have caused a collective loss in Sensex of nearly 13% points in the past in a single day as a result of Covid. Individual stocks have also faced some major losses in the past … Read more

Four stages that every trader should know

Have you encountered a new trading method that earns money initially, but then stops working?  The explanation for this phenomenon is straightforward. Markets are in constant flux.  Therefore, before anything else, you must comprehend the four stock market phases that both specific stocks and the market as a whole pass through. The markets will no … Read more

7 Indicators To Use In The Stock Market

Intraday trading of stocks can be difficult for inexperienced investors. Traders must keep a close eye on 7 indicators to get an edge over competitors in the stock market. They can acquire stock market education through stock market news as well as these stock market indicators. This article will highlight the most important seven indicators … Read more

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