Understanding Buying Call vs. Selling Put

Buying Call Vs. Selling Put Many people think stock options are very risky. However, adopting commonly used strategies can help you increase your profits and minimize losses while buying a call or selling a put. Let us first understand these terms. Buying Call A buying call is when the buyer pre-determines the price of a … Read more

Top Indicators Traders Should Know

Top Indicators Traders Should Know

Top 5 Indicators That Traders Should Know About Technical analysis can make your trading strategy even better, whether it’s about trading in stocks, commodities, or forex. Technical analysis includes the study of various trading indicators. Trading indicators are mathematical calculations plotted on the price chart. These calculations help traders discover trends and signals in the … Read more

Stock market timings in India

What are the stock market timings in India?

Introduction Following the pandemic, the stock market became a popular alternative source of income due to its attractive returns. However, high returns come with high volatility and risk. To be a successful trader, one needs to know when to buy and sell. To determine the right trading time, you need to understand how the stock … Read more

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