Stockbrokers Profits

To trade on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSE), and other stock exchanges, you need a stockbroker. A stockbroker will carry out trading stocks and make trading strategies on your behalf if you want to purchase or sell equities through these exchanges. The stockbroker will charge a commission … Read more

Growth vs. Value Investing – Which one is better?

Growth and Value Investing When it comes to choosing the right stock trading strategy, investing can get tricky. Sometimes, the choices boil down to growth vs. value stocks. These are more of the investing styles than the categories of the stock.  However, what do growth and value investing exhibit, and which is better? Let’s find … Read more

Top Indicators Traders Should Know

Top Indicators Traders Should Know

Top 5 Indicators That Traders Should Know About Technical analysis can make your trading strategy even better, whether it’s about trading in stocks, commodities, or forex. Technical analysis includes the study of various trading indicators. Trading indicators are mathematical calculations plotted on the price chart. These calculations help traders discover trends and signals in the … Read more

How To Be A Successful Investor

Top 5 Ways to be a Successful Investor

Today we will be learning about the How to be a Successful Investor in stock market? You might have heard this line “investments are subject to market risks “mostly used for mutual funds advertisement. However people thing the word “Risk” is equally proportional to “LOSS”. Successful investment includes one’s risk taking ability and time . … Read more

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