Stock Market Quotes

This Page is dedicated to best stock market quotes, not only as a trader or investor but everyone should be aware of this highly inspirational quotes. Stock market has it’s own temptation, attraction towards it is natural. The kind of wealth it has created for people around the world is mesmerizing.

Wether you are intraday trader, swing trader, day trader, short-term investor, long-term investor or from other career path, this quotes will certainly help you in changing your pyschology towards life as well as stock market

This stock market quotes are from Ace investors not only from India but around the globe. There trading, investing buisness & personal experience will surely going to help you in some ways. You will get quotes from legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Bill Gates. Great Indian Investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radkhakishan Damani,Vijay Kedia, porinju veliyath, Ramesh Damani, Raamdeo Agrawal, Dolly Khanna, Parag Parikh etc.

When you buy share in any company simultaneously you become owner of that company by percentage of shares you own. Now it is up to you to decide what kind of business you think would succeed in future. Instead of going on blind date, if you know some one prior you would have much better chance of building that relationship.Therefore its better to go through enough research about company you are looking to put your hard earned money. As rightly said “Never invest in a stock. Invest in a business instead.”

Question One Should Ask?

What are my goals? Retirement ,children education, marriage, House etc.

How much money do I need & when?

When do you want these money you invested, time horizon?

How much risk can I take?

Where should I invest?

This are few of the most important question? You can invest in different Mutual funds, SIP’s ,Debt fund, fixed deposits, Bonds or Equity. We know the maximum returns are provided in equity market but one should be aware of different aspects while investing.

Any one want to invest in order to create wealth. If you are worried about things like retirement, children education, their marriage, any medical emergency, investing in the stock market does provide you major support. Whether you’re starting from 1 rupee or have a few thousand rupees saved. Investment helps in securing not only you but your whole family future. Investing Basics will help get you going on the road to financial.

Why Stock Market Quotes?

In daily life we meet so many people around us who influence us to take decisions based on there perspective about something. Typically of relatives, neighbors, acquaintances etc. However if you are looking to invest money its better that you have proper knowledge. The proper guidance comes from the real life investors and traders, who made thier fortune from stock market. This quotes will lighten up your mind by giving motivation and inspiration.


Most people start learning new skills everyday in morning and end up leaving for the rest of his life without implementing. No one has become or achieved expertise in any field, till he has implemented and failed. Your probability of Success is directly proportional to your knowledge. After you have done enough research its time to start investing, begin with little amount every month.

Try to diversify your portfolio in different sector or else its better to buy index as it contain different companies from various sectors. Check your performance every day. Once you experience few years in market, it will automatically lead you towards a better financial decisions in real life too. Meanwhile Check out this best stock market quotes on slides.

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