SEBI circular for settlement of client funds

SEBI circular for settlement of client funds lying in running accounts every quarter On 27th July 2022, SEBI issued a guideline to Trading Members for settlement of client’s funds lying in running accounts with the trading members. According to the circular, Trading Members must transfer the funds lying in client accounts after settlement at the … Read more

Which are the most profitable companies in India?

Most Profitable Companies In India  Introduction Are you afraid of market crashes and want to invest in stocks that have been top performers? Typically, indexes like NIFTY or Sensex are an aggregate of the largest and best-performing companies on the stock market of India. Here is an overview of the most profitable companies in India. … Read more

The Importance of Recession for an economy

Every economy goes through a vicious circle of expansion, peak, recession, or contraction and trough. Recessions are known for high unemployment, low economic growth, low investments, failed jobs, slow businesses, etc. Many unfavourable circumstances arise, affecting everyone, from business owners to small retailers. Nevertheless, all these negatives may have a silver lining. The fact is, … Read more

Understanding Buying Call vs. Selling Put

Buying Call Vs. Selling Put Many people think stock options are very risky. However, adopting commonly used strategies can help you increase your profits and minimize losses while buying a call or selling a put. Let us first understand these terms. Buying Call A buying call is when the buyer pre-determines the price of a … Read more

All about Beta Trading!

Beta Trading Explained Introduction Analysis of the stock market could be as detailed as you want it to be. While some just ride on the market sentiment, some prefer performing in-depth studies to draw more promising conclusions. Beta trading is one such technique for analysing the stock’s performance.  Here is everything you need to know … Read more

Understanding Recession

Expanding businesses, technological advances, and high employment are all characteristics of a growing economy. But what do shortages in production, high import bills, slow exports, reduction in foreign reserves, gold stocks, and a high unemployment rate indicate?  All these indicate a negative Gross Domestic Product(GDP). The consistent decrease in GDP and a reduction in employment … Read more

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