Refer & earn with AsthaTrade!

How about earning money without investment, how about earning it working from home? Yes, you are right, you can earn from home without any investment with AsthaTrade’s refer and earn scheme. When you refer a client with AsthaTrade, we credit you with 10% of their brokerage price (if they open an account with us and … Read more

What Are APIs and How Do They Work?

API is a pair of programming code that queries data, parses feedback, and sends instructions between one software platform and another. In a trading context, a trader will often use an API to establish a connection between a set of automated trading algorithms and the trader’s preferred trading broker platform for the basis placing trades. … Read more

Know the terms diversification & asset allocation?

Every investor while initiating trade or invest should begin with these two key ideas of diversification and asset allocation. Diversification can be understood with a phrase that we all might have comprehended since childhood, it says, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Including different types of investments in your portfolio may help lower … Read more

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