Now get 4x leverage on equity delivery with AsthaTrade!

The objective of this blog is to let you know about the latest updates and insights of trading trends and views. By providing a 360-degree trading services we are updating up with the leverage.
Before taking you to the latest update let’s just have a look over why trading with us is most beneficial:
We provide discounted stockbroking.
Advanced charting facilities are available for your ease.
Earnings via Refer and Earn program.
High Margin along with the best trading experience.
Wider exposure available.
With this, we have a cherry on cake with the updates as follows:
You will now get 4x Leverage which was only 1x earlier on equity delivery.

you can hold the shares till 7 days, on 7th day if you didn’t transfer amount to your trading account then you’ll have to sell the shares before E.O.D.

We are a whole bionetwork of contemporary investment apps personalized to specific needs, built from the ground up. We make trading interesting with our innovative products and rewarding experience. Our smart products and services enable you to trade anytime, anywhere at the click of a button. Our online trading products includes F/O, Cash, Currency, MCX etc. To get information about margin/exposure click on: .
Earn more & more via Refer & Earn program:
Isn’t it really exciting to add more benefits and get revenue sharing? With our refer & earn scheme you’ll earn Rs. 250/- additional bonus on each Referral account. And you’ll also get 10% of the referee brokerage. With this there’s no restriction on pay-out amount.
To open an account with us:
Please click on the link:
Value Added Services for our privileged customers:
We have an easy to use interface for trading. Timely reports are made for the transactions made through the same.
Friendly customer support which is helpful and swift in its action through phone call,email and chat support (on request).
Instant transactions and timely alerts.
Special download section which gives you full information about the policies and account forms on the following link:

So, keep trading and earning with us. For latest updates, tune into our blog section-knowledge hub by liking and sharing. Turn on notifications for every blog alert. Follow us on Youtube, Twitter.
Have a great Trading!

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