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In this blog we will be knowing the highest margin stock broker in India at present. Today In India where there are more than 3000 stock brokers, it becomes very crucial to know about the best stock brokers with highest margin and lowest brokerage. Professional traders and investors widely make use of margin to increase their returns from relatively small price changes in stocks.

We will be putting the emphasis on three main segments of share market. It will be NSE, Equity (Cash), Derivatives(Futures and Option)and Commodity (MCX). You might have many question related to margin or leverage in stock market. We have tried to touch every aspect like:

The greatest advantage to buying on margin is that it boosts your purchasing power. When you have a relatively small amount of money to work with, margin can be used to boost your returns. However before knowing the best margin brokers, one should be aware of what exactly margin, leverage or exposure means.

 What Is Margin, Leverage or Exposure In Stock Market?What Is Margin, Leverage or Exposure In Stock Market?

In the stock market, margin trading means individual traders or investors can buy more stocks with minimum money in hand. Margin trading also refers to intraday or day trading in India. Many stock brokers provide this service including asthatrade. Margin trading involves buying and selling of securities same day.

Margin is the portion of money collected by exchanges upfront before giving exposure to brokers for trading in the equity and derivatives segment. Initial margin is the minimum margin that is required to be in a broker’s account to take a position. Brokers have to always keep margin money with the exchange, based on which they are given position limits to trade in the market.

As an illustration suppose a share named XYZ is currently trading at Rs.100. You have Rs.1000 in your trading account, with this you can only buy 10 shares. However with margin money, if you are trading with Astha straightaway it gives you leverage of upto 40X times. It means with same Rs.1000 you can now buy 400 shares. Example we took is for Equity intraday in cash segment.

As an trader or investor you need to speculate or guess the stock movement in a particular session. Margin trading is an easy way of making real quick money online from your home. As a matter of fact taking leverage or exposure has become very significant in current scenario. Almost every stock broker in india will try to give you some exposure.

With margin trading there are few important rules you need to keep in mind:

You need to square off your position at the end of every trading session. If you have bought shares, you have to sell them. And if you have sold shares, you will have to buy them at the end of the session.

Secondly, If you want to carryover your position to next day either you need to convert it into a delivery order or pay full margin (FNO) after trade. Your stock broker has rights to automatically square off the position in the market in case you miss to square off the position by yourself.

As of now we are aware of what exactly is margin, Now we will focus our attention on highest margin brokers in India in all segments. So Let’s Start knowing them step by step.

However, If the trader view was wrong, then things might get risky while trading with high leverage. That is why placing Stop loss is one of the major thing every trader and investor should adhere.

Highest Margin Brokers In Intraday Equity(MIS) In India:Highest Margin Brokers In Intraday Equity(MIS):

Asthatrade is providing strong competition to its rivals by providing the highest leverage of 40x times (without bracket order or Cover Order) in India. Some of our competitors in the market are providing exposure ranging between 10 to 30 times With using Cover orders and Bracket orders. Below is the comparison table of Highest Margin given by top stock brokers of India:

     Broker Margin
Asthatrade Up to 40X times (Without BO and CO)
UPSTOX/RKSV Up to 20X times
Zerodha Up to 20X times
SAS online Up to 20X times
5Paisa Up to 15X times
Bonanza Online Up to 10X times
Tradejini Up to 20X times.
Aditya Birla Money Up to 15X times.
Nirmal Bang Up to 10X times.
Trade Smart online Up to 20X times.

Best Stock Brokers In IndiaHighest Leverage Brokers In Equity Delivery:

So if you have this question in mind Which broker is best for delivery trading? Name of Asthatrade will surely find its place. Yes you heard it right, there are few brokers available who do provide margin in delivery trading. We at Asthatrade provide 8X(times leverage) highest margin for delivery trading as well. You are allowed it to hold the share with margin for up to T+5 days.

Highest Leverage Brokers In Equity Delivery In India

Broker Margin
Asthatrade Up to 3X times
UPSTOX/RKSV Up to 1X times
Zerodha Up to 1X times
SAS online Up to 1X times
5Paisa Up to 3X times
Bonanza Online Up to 1X times
Tradejini Up to 1X times
Aditya Birla Money Up to 1X times.
Nirmal Bang Up to 1X times.
Trade Smart online  Up to 1X times.

Highest Margin Brokers In Futures Trading In India Highest Margin Brokers In Futures Trading:

Wether you are buying Futures contract in Equity or Index, Extra margin can potentially increase rate of return. Therefore we at asthatrade give our clients highest margin in futures trading to trade freely. So much so that to trade 1 lot of NIFTY Futures, required amount is Rs. 4000 (MIS) i.e you need to put only Rs.4000 in your Astha trading account and start trading.

Similarly for BankNifty we do this in Rs. 4000 (MIS). If you want to trade stock futures we offer highest leverages which is upto 66X times.

Check the margin availability for FNO .

Broker Margin
Asthatrade Up to 66X times
UPSTOX/RKSV Up to 4X times
Zerodha Up to 2.5X times
SAS online Up to 20X times
5Paisa Up to 2X times
Bonanza Online Up to 3X times
Tradejini Up to 2.5X times.
Aditya Birla Money Up to 3 X times.
Nirmal Bang Up to 4 X times.
Trade Smart online Up to 5X times.

best broker in india Highest Margin Brokers In Option Trading:

In derivatives about 80% of trading happens in options. Asthatrade brokers provides you with the Highest margin in India for option writing(Selling) as well as buying. As we all know the most traded options in Indian are NIFTY & BankNifty due to their liquidity.

Money require to trade 1 lot of NIFTY is just Rs.4000 (MIS). On the other hand for 1 lot of BankNifty it’s just Rs.4000 (MIS). Similarily for option writing and buying of stocks we provide additional leverage. Check the margin availability for FNO .

Incase of Buying options, premium required is 1.5 times of total premium. Total premium divided by 1.5, whatever will be the amount that much money has to be deposited as margin.

Broker Margin
Asthatrade Buying 2X times and selling options Up to 66x times
UPSTOX/RKSV Up to 4x times
Zerodha Up to 2.5x times
SAS online Up to 20x times
5Paisa Up to 2x times
Bonanza Online Up to 2x times
Tradejini Up to 2.5x times
Aditya Birla Money Up to 2x times
Nirmal Bang Up to 4x times
Trade Smart online Up to 5x times

Highest Margin Brokers In Commodity Trading In India Highest Margin Brokers In Commodity Trading:

Whether you want to trade Crude Oil or Gold, Silver or Zinc at Asthatrade you will find the best leverage in commodity(MCX) as well.

For example: Let us take an example of crude oil for instance currently trading at Rs.3900 lot size is 100 ( 3900*100 = 3,90,000) now trade this at only Rs. 2000 (MIS) only at AsthaTrade.

Note: Due to high volatility in crude oil during this period(corona pandemic) it is set as variable, depending on volatility.

In like manner let’s take an example of Gold currently trading @ 37000 lot size 100. You can trade GOLD with just Rs. 10,000 (MIS). You can check the margin for all commodities here.

Broker Margin
Asthatrade Up to 20X times
UPSTOX/RKSV Up to 3X times
Zerodha Up to 2.5X times
SAS online Up to 5X times
5Paisa NA
Bonanza Online Up to 3X times
Tradejini Up to 3X times.
Aditya Birla Money Up to 2X times.
Nirmal Bang Up to 3X times.
Trade Smart online Up to 5X times.

Top Stockbroker in Currency Trading In India: Top Stockbroker in Currency Trading:

At Asthatrade get a free currency trading account along with opening of equity & FNO. Now you can trade in currency with as low as Rs.250(MIS). Chek out the below image for margin in currency.

free currency trading account

Disclaimer :  Margin Policy can change any point of time based on risk and market volatility.

Click Here to check Asthatrade Margin Calculator for Equity(Cash), Future ,options and Commodities(mcx).

The process of account opening is very smooth & simple. You just need to log on to our website Asthatrade.com.

  • Click on open an account
  • Enter your email address and phone number
  • Confirm OTP
  • Select Segment like Equity & FNO or Commodity or select both.
  • Make Payment through Net banking or Debit/credit card details etc.
  • Upload Your documents Like Income proof, In-person verification Known as IPV, Signature .
  • That’s it our sales team will reach you in case you need any help further.


The biggest risk you have when buying on margin is that it’s a double edge sword. If you don’t know, how to handle the sword, fighting in market will leave you nowhere. Here comes the role of knowledge and learning. The more you are ready to learn about the market and its way of working, more you will gain confidence.

Margin trading is a form of trading where you trade with leverage. To put it simply, leverage is what helps you control a bigger trade size with less money. Hence it becomes utmost important for you to handle it with lot of care. Which means adopting new strategies to trade in market.

If you have any feedback, questions please leave it below in comment box.

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