How to Choose Penny Stocks?

Have you been advised to invest in penny stocks? Heard about it through your colleagues while they discussed their trading strategy, but not quite sure what it is?  Penny stocks are traded at a low price and low volume at the exchange. Such stocks mostly belong to newly-found companies or companies that have low capitalization. … Read more

Commodities Exchanges and their Importance

What are Commodities Exchanges? A commodities exchange is a legal institution that sets and enforces trading rules for standardized commodity contracts and related financial products. It is a physical facility where trading takes place. The commodities market is enormous, including daily trades worth trillions of dollars. The objective of these commodity exchanges is to create … Read more

Top Indicators Traders Should Know

Top Indicators Traders Should Know

Top 5 Indicators That Traders Should Know About Technical analysis can make your trading strategy even better, whether it’s about trading in stocks, commodities, or forex. Technical analysis includes the study of various trading indicators. Trading indicators are mathematical calculations plotted on the price chart. These calculations help traders discover trends and signals in the … Read more

learn more about banking stocks

learn more about banking stocks

Learn more about Banking stocks Introduction:- Did you know that Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, considers bank stocks a must-have in your investment portfolio? Banks are the lifeline of an economy. If they suffer, the economy suffers. The pandemic has induced instability and volatility in the banking sector globally. Banks had huge non-performing assets; their … Read more

Bear Trap in Stock Trading: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Bear Trap in Stock Trading: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Bear Trap in Stock Trading: What is it and How to avoid it? Introduction If you are interested in stock trading, you must be familiar with terms like “bearish market” and “bullish market”. If not, then you must be aware of them before beginning your trading journey. In a bear market, the prices of stocks … Read more

How do I apply for an IPO at ASTHA TRADE

IPOs, upcoming IPOs, Apply in latest IPOs, Online Demat, stock broker, Trading Platform

How Do I Apply for an IPO at Astha Trade? It has been raining IPOs. In 2021, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) from different new-age, technology-driven, and growing sectors flooded India. The number of IPOs is expected to remain high in 2022 as well. Some of the upcoming IPOs in 2022 are from LIC, Ruchi Soya, … Read more

Have you ever wondered why traders have multiple screen?

Traders in india, famous traders, order flow, technical cart, sentiment indexes, different time

Have You Ever Wondered Why Traders Have Multiple Screens? You must have seen pictures of traders in India sitting in front of 4 to 9 screens with different charts and triggers and trading. That is quite a view, I must say. It feels like something is happening, and you get that adrenaline rush. But have … Read more

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