What is Basket Order?

Basket Order is a feature on trading platforms that allows you to place multiple orders and strategies at one time. As the name suggests, you can create a Basket and add stocks together e.g. for a particular theme or varied scrips as per your choice. You can place F&O contracts and multi legged strategies in … Read more

The Stock Market Cycle: Run-Down Phase

Markets are in constant flux. The pricing can resemble a casino game because these changes might perplex the average individual. The run-down phase is the scariest of them all. A bear market is another term for a market that is falling in value. During this time, the most successful traders make the most money. The … Read more

Stock Market Cycle: The Distribution Phase

The Distribution Phase Introduction The distribution phase includes some moments of volatility. Still, it is predominantly a period of consolidation as traders and institutions begin to extract profits during the run-up phase, and control of the market shifts from purchasers to sellers. This article covers the features of this phase, as well as some trading … Read more

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