Rs 2000 Note Withdrawal and its Impact

Rs 2000 note withdrawal

It’s been five days since RBI announced its decision to phase out Rs 2000 currency note from active circulation by 30th September 2023.  After the initial panic and furore settled over the validity of the denomination and exchange process, there are interesting trends to witness. In this article we discuss the immediate fallout of the … Read more

What is U.S. Debt Ceiling Crisis?

U.S. Debt ceiling

As we write, U.S. President Joe Biden is in talks with Congress leaders to arrive at a deal to raise the government debt ceiling and avert a debt default looming by June 1st and its domino impact not just on the U.S. economy, but a snowballing effect on the global economy.  Let us take a … Read more

Funds Raised By Top 10 Startups In India

fund raised by top 10 startups

The money needed to establish and run a startup company is called funding. It is an angel investment aimed at production enhancement, expansion, sales and marketing, distribution, etc., of a startup. While some startup companies prefer to seek external finance, others rely on private funding to prevent debts and equity dilution. Most companies raise money … Read more