Astha Flow: mobile and desktop trading applications

The purpose of this Blog is to familiarise you with different trading platforms offered by Astha Trade to access the stock market and trade in equity, F&O, commodities, currencies & IPO. Whenever you want to transact in the stock market, you can do so by choosing one of these options:

  1. “Call & Trade” – This Facility on asthatrade is free and there are no charges. Dial our trading department (0755-4268556, 0755-6693301) and they will place the trade on your behalf.
  2. Our newly Launched Mobile app Asthatrade Flow for best experience and to place your trade from your mobile device anywhere.
  3. Click here to login to Asthatrade TradingView portal on your computer browser to trade from charts
  4. Else click here to use the ODIN Aero terminal to place your trades in multiple segments online.
  5. DOCK is the analytics platform to analyse all the trades, apply for IPO, manage funds, download reports and make changes to the personal (KYC) details.

Each of the above methods mentioned is a doorway to the exchanges. These platforms allow you to do multiple things such as:

  • Placing buy and sell order
  • Checking your Profit & Loss
  • Tracking market movements of any segment (EQUITY,FNO,COMMODITY)
  • Managing your funds in your trading account (withdrawal,deposit)
  • Viewing stock charts available, accessing trading tools which helps in enhancing trading strategy

In order to access the trading terminal, you need to have a trading account with Asthatrade. This Platforms have user-friendly interface. It’s just matter of few hours to learn them. So let us start and know how to use them step by by step.

For More Support click below link

AsthaTrade Customer Care: 0755-4268599 | 07556693388

Admin/RMS: 0755-4268557

Trading: 0755-4268556

Accounts Team: 0755-4268558

Support Whatsapp:-

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