Best Mobile Trading App Of 2020 – Asthatrade Flow

Dear Traders, Your biggest search for the best mobile trading app will end with our recently launched mobile App “Asthatrade Flow”. We are happy and delighted to announce our intuitive, and light yet powerful mobile trading app. We took lot of feedback from you and have tried to give you the best user experience with this app. So without further wait lets jump directly to know the features as it has been built to cater to both passive investors and daily active day traders, with best speed and user experience enhancements.

Where can I download Asthatrade Flow Mobile App?

Asthatrade Flow Mobile App can be downloaded by clicking on this link directly from your mobile browser. The mobile trading application is available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for users in India and can be downloaded on smartphones free of charge.

Asthatrade Flow Mobile app is currently enabled for Equity and F&O. We are testing and soon it will be available for Commodity, and currency segments.

How To Login In Mobile App?

Once you have downloaded the app, Open app and on the front screen you need to enter your client code with password. This will be the same you were using for other trading platforms on asthatrade (ODIN, HTML NET NET and Asthatrade Wave).

The layout for the login screen is very simple. You need to enter your Client ID and password on the first screen. This is how it will look like:

Best Mobile Trading App Of 2020 - Asthatrade Flow

Note: Incase you are not able to login or if you face any issues releated to login Please mail your Client Code to As we need to give you the required permission from our end. we will resolve the issue and you will be able to login without any further problem.

Features Of Best Mobile Trading App(Flow):-

Once You are logged in click on top left, you will find all the options needed.


Create your personalized marketwatch list. Get search suggestions as you type instrument name. Setup your marketwatch with all the scrips you needed. You can add, delete new scrips of your choice. Search for any scrip from search bar at the top.

How To Login In Mobile App? Screeners:

Find hot stocks with market screeners eg. Volume Shockers, day’s gainers/losers, 52 Week High/low breakers, Most Active Stocks etc.

Features Of Best Mobile Trading App(Flow):-

Check Portfolio:

There will be three options available under portfolio:

Current position: You can convert or squareoff your position just by press of a button from here.

Holdings: If you have any delivery positions it will be visible under this.

Cash: Transfer funds to your account or vice-versa. You can check your current cash in your trading account from here.

Order Book :

As we trade, it becomes essential for us to monitor our positions regularly. There will be three options available under this option. Pending, complete, trades. You can modify or cancel your order from here. If you have placed any order which are executed you can check under complete. Details of your trades will be available under trades. Tapping on any individual position gives you two additional options. One is to square off that particular position and another one is to partially convert that position from MIS to NRML and vice versa.

Order Placement in flow app

Note: you can place all types of orders on your mobile except bracket order and Cover Orders. This will be enabled on the next version(update) of your mobile app.

You can create alerts to get notifications for order execution and price alerts
This will also help you to exit positions at right time with price alerts.

*Keep your Android System WebView up-to-date for the best experience.

Order Placement at Flow:

Best Mobile Trading App Of 2020 - Asthatrade Flow

Tapping on a scrip from market watch opens up the new window which gives you the option of checking the market depth, charts, and information regarding that particular scrip. From here you can also place your buy sell orders. On the other hand Info tab will give you all the info releated to that particular script . Under market depth total buy/sell quantity and ATP(average trading price of scrip can be seen).

Order Placement at Flow

Depending up on your strategy you can place the type of orders available like Market, Limit, Stop-loss, Stoploss market orders. If you are not aware about types of orders please read this blog. For intraday trades you can select margin, for delivery trades select delivery option, if you want the order to be in the system for the day (till market hours) select day option or IOC for Immediate or cancel.

Now Get Best Charts on Asthatrade Mobile App Flow:

Now Get Best Charts on Asthatrade Mobile App Flow:

Whether you are intraday trader or positional trader or you follow any other kind of trading strategies use of charts and indicators are must. Now with asthatrade flow it will be very easy and convenient. Depending upon your need you can set different charting style like candlesticks, heikin ashi, linechart, area chart etc.

Best Charts on Asthatrade Mobile App Flow

Best market indicators like MACD, SUPERTREND, RSI, BOLLINGER BANDS, FIBBONACCI, MOVING AVERAGES(EMA,SMA) etc. can be applied to suit your need. You can also also choose timing on the chart like 5,10, 60minutes,1day, 1week etc.).

Note: Check out our Youtube Video on “How to Use Asthatrade Flow“.

We would request every client to please move from Asthatrade wave to Flow, which is an advance version of new mobile trading app. Soon we will end our support for Asthatrade Wave mobile application. In new update you will find MCX as well as Currency market.

Benefits of trading with Asthatrade Discount Broker :  

We Provide trading in NSE – Cash, Future, Option Commodity & Currency. We are continually implementing new ideas to make trading & investing effortless proces. Get Highest Margin, Lowest Brokerage, Best trading App at Asthatrade. Now trade NIFTY & BankNifty at just Rs.2500 only at Asthatrade.

  1. Free call and trade option available.
  2. No charges for auto square off on intraday trades .
  3. Open Hasle-free paperless Account based on Aadhaar .
  4. Get high exposure and best leverages available in multiple segments in the market .
  5. Low brokerage Plans to choose.
  6. All your back-office solutions now in your Smartphone.
  7. Free Demat account with no AMC(Annual maintenance charge).

What are the documents Required to Open an Account?

  • Keep the following documents handy for a Quick and hasle-free account opening.

    • PAN No.
    • Aadhar Card
    • Cancelled Cheque (For offline)
    • Income Proof (for Derivatives)

Click Here To Open An Paper-less Account Now .

We are extremely hopefull you will going to love trading through our new app. Incase you want to know more or have a question you can directly reach to us or leave a comment below .

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