Asthatrade Trading Software and Terminal Explained

In this Blog we will be learning about how to use Asthatrade trading software and terminal online step by step. When you open a new trading and demat account with asthatrade, To start your trading or investing, you should be aware of these online platforms. They are the Best Online Trading Platform available In India. The purpose of this Blog is to familiarize you with asthatrade trading software, and its interface. Whenever you wants to transact in the stock market, you can do so by choosing one of the options:

  1. “Call & Trade” -This Facility on asthatrade if free and there are no charges. Dial our trading department(0755-4268556,0755-6693301) and they will place the trade on your behalf.
  2. Use Asthatrade web application NET NET HTML on your computer browser to access the markets.
  3. Use the trading software or terminal ODIN DIET to place your trades in multiple segments online.
  4. Our newly Launched Mobile app AsthatradeFlow for best experience and to place your trade from your mobile device anywhere.

Each of the above methods mentioned above is a doorway to the exchanges. These platform allows you to do multiple things such as:

  • Placing buy and sell order
  • Checking your Profit & Loss
  • Tracking market movements of any segment (EQUITY,FNO,COMMODITY)
  • Managing your funds in your trading account (withdrawal,deposit)
  • Viewing stock charts available, accessing trading tools which helps in enhancing trading strategy

In order to access the trading terminal, you need to have a trading account with Asthatrade. This Platforms have user-friendly interface. It’s just matter of few hours to learn them. So let us start and know how to use them step by by step.

 How to Install Best trading software Odin Diet ?

  • Go to click on Menu on Right, You will see this page mentioned below.

Asthatrade Trading Software and Terminal Explained

  • Click on Odin Diet showed by arrow in red to Download the software. From here, you can also go to other softwares like Web platform HTML NET NET and Asthatrade Mobile Wave application.
  • The download process will start which takes some time depending on your internet speed.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, you need to Run the file to start installation. It Should take not more than 2 -3 mins.

How to Install Odin Diet?

Asthatrade Trading Software and Terminal Explained

Asthatrade Trading Software and Terminal Explained

How to Install Odin Diet?

How to Install Odin Diet?

Odin diet login page

  • Once you reached to this login page, you need to enter the client Id and password given to you after the account opening process.

How to Set Market Watch, Place Orders, View Fund (Margin) on Odin Diet?

  • Below is the default page once you log in to odin diet, in order to add scrip to terminal you need to click on market watch first.

How to Set Market Watch, Place Orders, View Fund (Margin) on Odin Diet 

  • Once you clicked on market watch, a black window will appear on screen. Now you can add the scrip to your market watchlist. You can also save this market watch for future reference.

How to Set Market Watch in asthatrade

Place Orders, View Fund (Margin) on Odin Diet?

  • To place on order for any particular stock select the stock by clicking on it and than you need to click on buy order or sell order first. Below is the details shown :

Asthatrade Trading Software and Terminal Explained

  • In order to see fund view click on Surv Watch.
  • For Fund transfer click on links tab.
  • To check the current position click on Net position.
  • From Net Position you can square off your trade.
  • Order book tells you the details of order placed.
  • You select RL(Regular lot) for placing market order and limit order.

This Image Explains How to place Market order, Limit order or stop-loss order in odin diet with condition at Asthatrade.

View Fund (Margin) on Odin Diet

Watch Complete Video Demo for Odin Diet Here

Watch Youtube Video on Funds withdrawal process in Asthatrade

Check Youtube Video on How to transfer funds in Asthatrade

How to place Stop loss and limit order in Odin Diet at Asthatrade

Reset and unlock password for Asthatrade Trading Softwares

Our newly Mobile App Asthatrade Flow (With best user interface and all new technological tools).

You can take demo of software by calling our support team at 0755-4268599, 0755-6693302

Asthatrade HTML NET NET Web Trading Platform Asthatrade HTML NET NET Best Web Trading Platform :

This is a web based platform for traders and investors to place order. If you do not want to download software on your computer or laptop HTML NET NET helps in accessing the share market. Go to this link to to login.

  • Enter your Client id and password given after account opening process.

Asthatrade HTML NET NET Web Trading Platform

  • This trading terminal offers you numerous useful features. You can add market watch just by clicking on search icon. You can create your own Workspace so next time you login all the scrip added will automatically be there.

Asthatrade HTML NET NET Web Trading Platform

  • Click on Menu on right to see all the windows like order book, trade book, fund view etc.
  • Right click on scrip to open a order window, you can place the Rl(Regular Lot) or Stop-Loss(order).

Watch Complete Video Demo for NET NET HTML here.

Watch youtube video on How to place stop loss order in Html

You can take demo of software by calling our support team at 0755-4268599, 0755-6693302.

Asthatrade Wave Mobile Application: Asthatrade Wave Best Mobile Application in India:

You can download the asthatrade wave mobile application from play store. It is available for Android as well as IOS users. Click here to check the DEMO for the mobile Application. It Allow you to view market rates, enter, modify, control orders, view positions & transactions. Soon we are about to launch a new mobile trading platform with lot of advanced features.

Watch Youtube video on How to place Stop loss, Limit order in Astha trade mobile app

Watch Youtube Video on Funds transfer in Asthatrade by mobile app and upi

Here is the link to know all details about our newly launched mobile app Asthatrade Flow.


Asthatrade CLASS™ BACK-OFFICE Asthatrade CLASS™ Best BACK-OFFICE Solution :

  • Enter your Back-office Id and password sent you after account opening process is completed.
  • Under Finance accounting – go to finance reports – combined ledger
  • Hover over account reports at the top you will see party ledger click on it.
  • To check contract notes under share accounting- share reports – digital common contract Note
  • Link to directly go to Back office – click on Menu on top right – Under back office option

Watch youtube video on How to Use Asthatrade Backoffice here

Watch Youtube Video on basics of Asthatrade Back-office Here

Please Leave your feedback, questions or comments below. In case you need any help regarding support, trading or sales please contact our dedicated customer care team on 0755-4268599, 0755-4268500, 0755-4268556.


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