Asthatrade Margin, Brokerage, Trading Platform Explained

Today we will be knowing necessary details regarding Margin, Brokerage, trading platform available at asthatrade. We will also cover the account opening process at asthatrade. “Asthatrade have made customer satisfaction top priority from last 15 years “.

We started our january in the year 2005 with the aim of providing traders and investors best services in India in terms of value, support, & technology.

Today, our groundbreaking pricing models wether in terms of Best Margin or Lowest Brokerage have made us one of the prominent stock broker in India.

Benefits of trading with Asthatrade Discount Broker :  

We Provide trading in NSE – Cash, Future, Option & Commodity. We are continually implementing new ideas to make trading & investing  effortless proces.

  1. Free call and trade option available.
  2. No charges for auto square off on intraday trades .
  3. Open Hasle-free paperless Account based on Aadhaar .
  4. Get high exposure and best leverages available in multiple segments in the market .
  5. Low brokerage Plans to choose.
  6. All your back-office solutions now in your Smartphone.

Let us discuss and understand them one by one :

 Margin (leverage) Exposure at AsthatradeHighest Margin (leverage) Exposure at Asthatrade :

We Provide highest margin to our customers in the market. We try our best to deliver and thrive for customer needs.

Asthatrade provides you with highest Margin for option buying, Option writing/shorting, Trading futures, trading equity & Commodity on NSE and MCX respectively.

  • Highest NSE (Equity) Margin In India

Up to 40x (times margin) for intraday trades (MIS) and Up to 3x(times margin) for delivery trades (up to T+5 days). It means if you have Rs.1000 in your trading account you can buy shares up to Rs.40000 (MIS).

As an illustration suppose a share named ABC is currently trading at Rs.100. You have Rs.1000 in your trading account, with this you can only buy 10 no. of shares.

Where as if you are trading with Astha straightaway it gives you leverage of upto 40 times. It means with same Rs.1000 you can now buy 400 shares.

Click Here to Open An Trading and FREE Demat Account hasle-free with Asthatrade Online Now.

  • Highest Option Selling Margin In India :

In derivatives about 80% of trading happens in options. Asthatrade provides you with the Highest margin in India for option writing. We all know the most traded options in Indian are NIFTY & BankNifty due to their liquidity.

Now you can trade 1 lot of NIFTY with just Rs.3500 (MIS). On the other hand for 1 lot of BankNifty it’s just Rs.3500 (MIS). Similarily for option writing of stocks we provide additional leverage. Check the margin availability for FNO .

Total Margin is the margin required to hold the position overnight or also called NRML margin at Asthatrade. To check the marging availability to take overnight position or carryover the contract you can do calculation Here.

Incase of Buying options, premium required is 1.5 times of total premium. Total premium divided by 1.5, whatever will be the amount that much money has to be deposited as margin.

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Total Margin = Span/initial + Exposure Margin

Attached is the snapshot for the 1 Lot of Nifty selling with strike price as 10900, August 29 2019 as expiry.

Asthatrade Margin Brokerage Trading Platform Explained !!!

  • Highest Future Intraday Margin In India

If you are buying NIFTY Futures,we do this at Rs. 3500 (MIS) i.e you need to put only Rs.2500 in your Astha trading account and start trading. Similarly for BankNifty we do this in Rs. 3500 (MIS).

You can check carryover Margin Here for Futures contracts. The new SEBI circular mandates brokers to collect the complete SPAN + Exposure margin to carry forward Futures and Options positions to the next day.

  • Highest Margin in Commodity Trading In India  :

 Whether you want to trade Crude Oil or Gold at Asthatrade you will find the best margin in commodity(MCX) as well.

For example: Let us take an example of crude oil for instance currently trading at Rs. 3900 lot size is 100 ( 3900*100 = 3,90,000) now trade this at only Rs. 2000 (MIS) only at AsthaTrade.

Note: Due to high volatility because of corona pandemic this has been set as variable.(depends on volatility for that day).

Let’s take an example of Gold currently trading @ 37000 lot size 100. You can trade GOLD with just Rs. 10,000 (MIS). You can check the margin for all commodities here.

Click Here to check Asthatrade Margin Calculator for Equity(Cash), Future&options, Commodities.

Click Here to Open An Trading and FREE Demat Account hasle-free with Asthatrade Online Now.

Disclaimer :  Margin Policy can change any point of time based on risk and market volatility.

Asthatrade Margin, Brokerage, Trading Platform Explained Lowest Brokerage In India Only at Asthatrade: 

Below is the attached snapshot of brokerages at Asthatrade:

Lowest Brokerage In India Only at Asthatrade: 

EQUITY INTRADAY @ One paisa (0.01%) for example on total turnover of Rs.100000 you would be charged as minimum as Rs.10 

EQUITY DELIVERY @ Ten paisa (0.1%)  for example on total turnover of Rs.100000 you would be charged as minimum as Rs.100   

FUTURES @ One paisa (0.01%)  for example on total turnover of Rs.100000 you would be charged as minimum as Rs.10 

OPTIONS @ Rs.10 for Buy & Rs.30 for Sell per Lot 

MCX  @ One paisa (0.01%) for example on total turnover of Rs.100000 you would be charged as minimum as Rs.10 

Asthatrade Brokerage Calculator:

Below is the Excel sheet for calculating brokerages across all segments (EQUITY, FNO, COMMODITY) at asthatrade. Click and download the file to use it on your device.

CLICK HERE FOR Asthatrade Brokerage Calculator

Other Terms And Charges At Asthatrade:

Minimum Brokerage Charges for NSE & MCX Rs 10 Per Lot
Minimum Contract Charges for NSE & MCX Rs 30 Per Daily Contract Note
Call & Trade Charges Free
Delay Payment Charges 15% per Annum (Debit not allowed after “T+5” Days)
Pledge & Unpledge Charges 0.04% or Rs 50 (Whichever is higher)
Payin Securities Charges 0.05% or Rs.25 (Whichever is higher)
UPI Payin Charges Rs.10 per transaction

Best Products and platform at Asthatrade:

At AsthaTrade we are a technology driven company, We believe in best market apps and platform for our valuable customer.

Now you can use our trading platform on Windows, Android & ios .

  Our Intutive Trading Tools

 –  ODIN DIET (Downloadable on pc/laptop)



You can take a demo of our trading platform by calling to our Support team @ 0755-4268599, 0755-6693302.

Click Here to Open An Trading and FREE Demat Account hasle-free with Asthatrade Online Now.

Some of the features of this includes : 

Market order, limit order(stop-loss), Candlestick charts with the best Indicators in market like MACD, RSI, EMA,SMA, Know market depth on screener with 52 week low/high, create your own strategy by applying any of them. Calculator for pivots, Resistance&Support, option calculator and lot of other features forthcoming. 

Asthatrade Mobile Back-Office :

All your back-office solutions now in your android smartphone. Highly secure and trustworthy app to check your transaction details.


Paper-less Account Opening Process at Asthatrade:

The process of account opening is very smooth & simple. You just need to log on to our website

  • Click on open an account
  • Enter your email address and phone number
  • Confirm OTP
  • Select Segment like Equity & FNO or Commodity or select both.
  • Make Payment through Net banking or Debi/credit card details etc.(Free demat account with no AMC)
  • Upload Your documents Like Income proof, In-person verification Known as IPV, Signature .
  • That’s it our sales team will reach you in case you need any help further.

What are the documents Required to Open an Account?

  • Keep the following documents handy for a Quick and hasle-free account opening.

    • PAN No.
    • Aadhar Card
    • Cancelled Cheque (For offline)
    • Income Proof (for Derivatives)

Click Here to Open An Trading and Demat Account hasle-free with Asthatrade Online Now.

Note :

KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets – once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker,DP,Mutual Fund etc.). You need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary. If your KYC is not completed than process will be done offline once.

You can reach our sales team @ 0755-4268500, 0755-6693399, 8435001551

Account Opening Charges At Asthatrade :

Trading Account: Equity, F&O 

Fee : Rs.500/- (inclusive of Service Tax) 

Validity: Lifetime 

Demat Account charges: Rs.300/Yearly AMC for Demat Account

Trading Account : Commodity 

Fee : Rs.500/- (inclusive of Service Tax) 

Validity: Lifetime

These are only a few things mentioned above briefly explaining about Asthatrade. Incase you want to know more or have a question you can directly reach to us or leave a comment below .


Astha Credit & Securities (P) Ltd alias AsthaTrade is an Indian stock broking company established in 2003. The company is a member of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX).It is a depository participant with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).
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