How to Find Swing Trading Stocks

swing trading stocks

Swing trading is a popular trading strategy, especially among beginners in the Indian stock market. It involves taking advantage of short-term price fluctuations in stocks to make profits. But one of the most critical aspects of swing trading is knowing how to find the right stocks. Selecting stocks that have a higher probability of swinging … Read more

Why do Countries Trade? Exploring the benefits of Specialisation and International Trade

Why do countries trade

I acknowledge that intricate subjects such as Economics often come laden with profoundly abstruse terminology that can prove rather inscrutable for individuals of ordinary disposition to comprehend. Complex? The Power of Economics  Simply put, Economics as a subject doesn’t have to be that complicated. Remember, Economics is the study of scarcity and choices. In this … Read more

What is Swing Trading and How It Works

what is swing trading

Imagine you’re at a tennis match, observing the players’ swings, and noticing how timing plays a pivotal role. One moment too soon or too late could result in a lost point. The same concept applies to the world of stock trading, especially with swing trading. It’s about timing your moves right to capture potential profits … Read more