What are Options Trading Strategies

Options strategies are a combination of buying and selling two or more options to have defined risk and return. There are a host of options trading strategies traders employ, but you need not know all the strategies to begin trading. Here are the commonly used ones to understand the basics.  Bull Call Spread:  Used when … Read more

What is Basket Order?

Basket Order is a feature on trading platforms that allows you to place multiple orders and strategies at one time. As the name suggests, you can create a Basket and add stocks together e.g. for a particular theme or varied scrips as per your choice. You can place F&O contracts and multi legged strategies in … Read more

What are Options Greeks?

Price of an option is impacted by a number of factors. Options Greeks are a set of calculations which affect the price of an options contract. Greeks quantify the risk measures mathematically and help traders gauge how the options prices will move. With the help of Greeks, traders can make better decisions on which options … Read more

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