What is IPO Book Building Process?

book building

Imagine you’re a business owner, and you’ve been working tirelessly to grow your business over the years. You’ve been able to attract investors, but now you’re ready to take your company public. However, the process of going public can be complicated and daunting. That’s where the IPO Book Building Process comes in. It’s a method … Read more

What Is Grey Market Premium? GMP In IPO Explained

Understanding the Grey Market and Its Premium Before learning what is Grey Market Premium, it is important to know about grey market itself first. It is an unofficial market where the trading of a company’s shares happens before they are issued in the Initial Public Offering (IPO). Grey market  is a market where transactions are … Read more

Rs 2000 Note Withdrawal and its Impact

Rs 2000 note withdrawal

It’s been five days since RBI announced its decision to phase out Rs 2000 currency note from active circulation by 30th September 2023.  After the initial panic and furore settled over the validity of the denomination and exchange process, there are interesting trends to witness. In this article we discuss the immediate fallout of the … Read more

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Online?

How to check IPO allotment status

Embarking on the IPO Journey Our financial journey is filled with exciting milestones, and the first investment in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is certainly one of them. Let’s step into the shoes of an eager investor, Ravi. Ravi has been an avid market watcher for years, and after much research and contemplation, he decides … Read more